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The Myth of the African Lion Simb

Everyday the lion goes to drink water from the river. One day a girl bearing an unborn child goes to the river to get her water. The lion makes his trip of the day but this time stops to see there is a human in the spot where he normally drinks from. The sight of him scares the girl away and she runs off into the forest. The fright is too much and through fear she gives birth to her baby on the jungle floor. 

The mamma and baby need help. Leaving the baby behind she runs back to the village to get help from the towns people. In the meantime the lion follows his smell and goes in search of the baby. He finds him in a mess on the floor and licks him clean like a mamma lion and a cub. The towns people and mamma arrive in a hurry to discover a clean baby and friendly lion. The towns people look on in surprise. They begin to worship him for he has been kind and loving. This baby grows to be strong and powerful with the roar of a lion.


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